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Brigid Rzky survived a monstrous childhood by crawling deep within her imagination- so deep that she's never quite found her way out.  When her estranged Irish Catholic father dies in prison, she’s forced to confront both the past that she’s buried and the present that she’s done her best to ignore.


What begins as a simple trip to Boston for the funeral turns into something more when an escalating series of visions sends Brigid on a quest to find her soulmate on the world’s worst package tour of Ireland. 


Is Brigid a latent Celtic Seer waking to the powers that will lead her to her destiny? Or is she losing her mind and hurtling towards a swift and disastrous end?

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“Those with the sight obtain knowledge either by a sudden knowing or through a vision. Such visions are often symbolic and easily misinterpreted… Those observing the seer may be able to describe what the seer was doing externally, but they will have no sense of the seer’s intense inner experience.”


From The Sight, Gift of Celtic Seers

“That time I was in a [psychiatric] hospital, and I was being talked to by the television, hallucinating. I wasn't inside the TV this time, thank God… I was trapped in a metaphor. Everything I looked at had a meaning. Everything was a warning or a sign. I was in a part of my brain I've only been in one time before. “


Carrie Fisher describing the experience of a major bipolar incident

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